New Water Bars Along Section 1 – Feb. 1, 2017

Today, four Traildogs (Al Gathright, Robert Cavanaugh, Ron Mayfield, and Dan Watson) attacked drainage problems along the Trail in a couple of areas along Section 1 between Denby Bay and Tompkins Bend.

The first location was near the “Pine Plantation” area, a bit west of Shangri La Road.  After working on a new water bar here, we followed the trail back to the Sunset Vista spur (34°33’12” N 93°28’46” W) to enjoy that beautiful location for a while and to clean up debris along the trail.

Robert, Ron, and Al working on a new Section 1 Water Bar.<br />(34°33'13" N 93°28'6" W)

Robert, Ron, and Al working on a new Section 1 Water Bar. (34°33’13” N 93°28’6″ W)
(Click on this image to view more photos from Feb. 1, 2017.)

The second location was above the two bridges just west of “The Dip” along Shangri La Road.  Three new water bars were installed along the very steep slope a bit south of the bridges (34°33’13” N 93°28’6″ W).

It was a beautiful and balmy day for the first of February – a great day to be on the LOViT!!  Finishing a little after noon, we decided to enjoy lunch at Jenn’s Gourmet Galley (now “Jenn’s Specialty Foods”).

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